Hiring Gen Z: All You Need to Know

There’s a whole new host of talent on the marketplace, and they’re here to take part, take the reigns and, in many cases, take over: that would be Generation Z. The “iGeneration”, as they’re affectionately known, have grown up differently to their Millennial counterparts. Born with technology at their fingertips, they grew up on-screen and are now joining the world of work.

PSA to all employers out there: we’re lucky to have them, and couldn’t be more excited. You should be too.

With all of this in mind, it follows that hiring Gen Z might mean a few new processes in some cases, and a different approach in most. In the same way you’d adapt your recruitment process based on the position you’re recruiting for – whether that be based on seniority, profession, permanent vs temp etc – it’s high time to begin thinking about doing the same for the next generation of talent.

Getting to know Gen Z

Before you set out on any recruitment campaign, you need to understand your target audience. In the same way that you sell your business’ products or services, you’re now selling the experience of coming to work for you. To hire the generation of “digital natives”, we need to get to know them a little bit better.

The first and perhaps most obvious (yet important) thing to note about Gen Z is their affinity with technology. While many in general have now had mobile devices in our pocket for as long as we can remember, this generation has quite literally never experienced a world without smartphones, the internet and, in some cases, social media. That will be important later.

And what are they motivated by? In many cases, it differs from the more entrepreneurial Millennials we’ve come to know and love. Gen Z are all about stability, staying power, security. This demographic is one which wants to get in early, progress quickly, and learn on an ongoing basis.

Safe to say, they’re going to make incredible employees. That is, if you know how to capture their interest.

Adapting to Gen Z

Hiring Generation Z might mean adapting your recruitment process slightly, but may in some cases mean a complete overhaul. To secure the top talent in this group, your hiring process needs to reflect their wants and needs.

Studies show that Gen Z are very visual – you won’t go amiss by implementing video into a recruitment campaign. Whether it’s in the form of a culture showcase, an infographic about the role or otherwise, create something exciting and engaging – moreover, something which appeals to their way of thinking specifically.

You need to be ready on the buzzer when it comes to communication. Prompt responses, clear directions and transparent communication are the way to Gen Z’s hearts. Honesty couldn’t be more important; ensuring that the role they eventually accept is the one they’ve been told about throughout the process is key (what we’re saying is, no false promises, please and thanks).

Gen Z is also a little different in terms of their expectations. In a world of automation and instant gratification, things happen more quickly than ever. If your recruitment process feels clunky or slow-moving, it might give them the wrong idea about how you do business too.

Implement technology throughout to bring it all together, and ensure your campaign is conducted where Gen Z are most likely to be (hint: social media might just be your new best friend… It’s certainly theirs).

Hiring Gen Z

Getting ready to hire the next generation of talent? We’re here to help and we’re doing so for clients across Australia and beyond. If your recruitment process needs a revamp or you want to pick our brains about staying “with the times” in order to help you secure the talent your business needs, we’d love to talk.

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