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The Konnexus Podcast; LEAD WITH DATA

Episode 10

5th June 2022

Joined by Cam Currie from Jugo Advisory, in this episode we discuss data transformation leadership and the emergence of data observability.

Episode 9

12th May 2022

Sandeep is experienced data, information and analytics professional adept in driving transformational change for organisations, leveraging good data management principles and industry best practices.

Episode 8

27th April, 2022

Darshil is an experienced data professional in developing and executing a use-case driven enterprise-wide Data Strategy aligned to the Business Strategy.

Episode 7

16th March, 2022

Dhivian Govender is the Chief Data, Analytics and Strategy Officer at Recoveriescorp, overseeing the strategy around how data and analytics is used to effectively and efficiently engage with customers.

Episode 6

9th March, 2022

We have Jonas Christensen on the show today, he is an international keynote speaker on data science

Episode 5

17th January, 2022

Cam Towt is the Founder and Director of Tiio which has a proud alliance partnership with Robinson Ryan. 

Episode 4

12th January, 2022

Janice is an analytics leader with a strong commercial acumen gained from a 20 year career spanning analytics, business process improvement, strategy, internal audit and consulting.

Episode 3

13th December, 2021

In this episode we talk about how to make Data a useful and usable part of everyone’s job! I am joined by Kshira Saagar is the Chief Data Officer (CDO) of Latitude Financial Services.

Episode 2

1 December 2021

In this episode of Lead with Data, I had the pleasure of speaking to Bhavika Unadkat, who is the Head of Data Governance at Energy Australia.

Episode 1

22 November 2021

On this very first episode of Lead with Data, I was joined by Paul Hunt, who is the Senior Manager Business Intelligence (APAC) for Club Assist.

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