Konnect With Data

Konnect with Data is best described as a Data Community Hub. This hub provides data professionals with a platform to share their knowledge, connect with like-minded data professionals, and elevate their individual brand in the market. Konnect with Data sponsors data events, facilitates roundtables, hosts quarterly events, and features an engaging Podcast series. The Writers Hub is now also a part of Konnect with Data, which is a forum that is designed for data professionals to become ‘Resident Writers’ and develop articles that are based on their own or shared experiences, with colleagues and peers, that is unique to the Australian data climate.

Konnect With Data

Konnect with Data

Konnect with Data is an established group of like-minded data professionals within the Australia landscape. This group is solely for the purpose of sharing knowledge and information around all things data, as well as the promotion of data events to develop knowledge sharing and growth. Group members are encouraged to create, contribute, and share quality articles to the community. If you wish to be to discuss driving interest from the group, please contact, please contact

Tracee tracee@konnexuscg.com.au or Rina rina@konnexuscg.com.au


At Konnexus, we are dedicated to driving value and fostering a thriving Data community. We believe in the power of connection and knowledge sharing. That’s why we actively engage in hosting impactful events such as roundtables and networking events. As proud sponsors of Data conferences, we recognise the importance of staying at the forefront of industry trends.

Our commitment to the Data community extends beyond events – we strategically partner with organisations like DAMA to ensure a strong network and keep our collective knowledge current. By staying actively involved in the Data landscape, we aim to strengthen connections, promote innovation, and contribute to the growth of the broader community.


We are proud corporate members of DAMA Australia (The Data Management Association). Recently DAMA held their first quarterly meeting in the Konnexus Offices

Market Insights

Konnexus provide a bi-yearly market insights report specific to data analytics.