The Right Way to Decline a Job Offer


Receiving a job offer is often a very exciting moment in a candidate’s journey for their next job. However, there may be instances where you need to decline an offer, whether due to personal reasons, better opportunities, or a misalignment with your career goals. While it may seem daunting, declining a job offer can be done respectfully and professionally.

Here are our tips to help you navigate this situation:

  • Begin your response by expressing sincere gratitude for the job offer and the opportunity to be considered for the position. Acknowledge the time and effort the employer invested in the hiring process and convey your appreciation for their confidence in your abilities.
  • Whenever possible, delivery your response in a personalised manner. If you have had direct communication with the hiring manager or a member of the team, consider reaching out to them personally rather than a generic email. This show respect for the individuals involved and maintains a positive professional relationship. If you are going through a recruiter, perhaps after you have spoken to the recruiter, do up an email that can be forwarded to the manager.
  • While it is essential to be honest about your decision, it is just as important to be tactful and diplomatic in your communication. Provide a brief and concise explanation for declining the offer without going into unnecessary details. You do not need to disclose specific reasons if you are uncomfortable doing so, but offering a polite and respectful explanation can help the employer understand your decision.
  • If you do feel comfortable, you can briefly mention the reasons you are declining the offer. Whether it is due to another job offer, pursuing a different opportunity or personal circumstances, providing a brief explanation can help the employer understand your decision. Do not criticize the organisation or the role as it not professional.
  • Maintain a positive tone through your response and express your continued interest in the organisation and future opportunities. Leave the door open for potential future collaboration or opportunities to work together.
  • End your response by expressing your willingness to stay connect with the employer or recruiter. This demonstrates your professionalism and leaves a positive impression, even if you decline the job offer.


Saying no to a job offer can be a delicate situation, but handing it with grace, honesty and professionalism allows you to maintain a positive relationship with the employer and leaves the door open for further opportunities. Expressing gratitude, keeping it personal and being honest yet tactful, highlighting your reasons and expressing your interest in future opportunities, allows you to leave with a positive impression.


The Konnexus Team


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