What Does this Pandemic-Driven Trend Mean for Employers?

pandemic-driven trend

Working as a recruiter throughout the pandemic has been somewhat of a wild ride – take it from us. We’ve seen ups and down, peaks and troughs, and everything in between. Here’s an outline of each pandemic-driven trend we’ve been watching over the past almost-18 months, and what they might mean for you as an employer:

Pandemic-driven trend #1: Higher rates of financial insecurity

Even those who kept their jobs throughout the pandemic will be feeling some of the insecurity thrust upon the job market throughout. With the unprecedented nature of Covid-19, and so much uncertainty around what the future of work looks like (mandated vaccines for workplaces, remote-first futures, general unsurety around sector stabilities and more), a feeling of financial insecurity is rife.

What this means for employers: Business should be taking a more well-rounded look at what potential employees want. That might look like flexible offer packages (could you offer non-monetary options and added extras which are going to take the pressure off elsewhere?), bespoke packages being built just for them (think entirely bespoke benefits packages), or simply a more generous look at how you structure their days. It could be as simple as helping them save money where they can, by offering flexi-hours which remove the need for childcare, or simply providing them with that extra security blanket of a little more than they were expecting. Get creative, and start reassuring your staff.

The pandemic-driven trend of financial insecurity offers you as an employer a unique opportunity to take care of your employees better than ever.

Pandemic-driven trend #2: Remote work is here to stay

Possibly the most wide-spread (and, in some cases, long-anticipated) trend to touch the working world is that of the shift to a largely remote future. And it’s here to stay, of that there’s little doubt.

Given little or no choice other than to adapt, workplaces around the world found innovative ways to do business from afar. Homeworking has brought with it no small number of challenges for employer and employee alike, but it’s taught the world a lot. Many tech giants such as Twitter, Dropbox and HubSpot have opted for staff to continue working from home indefinitely, should they so choose, while innumerable companies around the world are at least offering part-time remote working options for employees.

What this means for employers: Frankly, many different things. Businesses will now need to consider their remote strategy, and it’s time to get excited about what a remote-first future means in for the candidate pool you now have access to. It is however important to consider many points within this: information security around a remote workforce; how to maintain a strong company culture when working from afar; how to remain a competitive employer and retain your staff when their own career opportunities are no longer bound to their physical location.

If you’re not already considering your company’s remote future, now’s the time to start.

Pandemic-driven trend #3: Human experience is the factor to beat

During the Covid-19 pandemic, priorities shifted. People learnt a lot about what they want and need as humans, both in the workplace and in their personal lives. As a result, the human experience from all angles – customer experience, user experience, candidate experience – is now at the very forefront.

Since the pandemic began, we’ve seen a big shift in the way things are done. Businesses are now wholeheartedly focusing their offerings on ease of use and accessibility. Convenience. Usability. Answering the question, “How can we make what we do work around what people want and need right now?” This has led to a higher expectation across the board; an expectation of excellence in any form of service – particularly one which is being paid for.

What this means for employers: It means making smart investments into the people who add value to all of the above. Invest in the technology to help your customers find what they need more easily. Invest in product development, by investing in superstar talent in that area. Invest in the people who provide the service you sell, whether it be by training and development or simply using means to motivate them to be improving constantly. Invest in the team who manage your recruitment process, the tools and resources they have access to, and stress the importance of fast, transparent, ongoing communication with every applicant they interact with.

The world is changing, but we’re here to help you adapt. To talk more about pandemic-driven trends we’re seeing every day and what they mean for employers, don’t ever hesitate to reach out.

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