Work with a team that delivers the very best in contingent talent

With the ever-growing demand to maximise efficiency across your organisation, with fluctuations such as additional projects, absenteeism, long-term leave, market conditions and uncertainty, having a contingent flexible workforce in your back pocket can be an effective planning tool.

The inability to hire a permanent headcount should not get in the way of your ability to achieve overall business goals. Hiring on-demand, specialist team members on an interim, temporary or contract basis means your projects and workloads can stay on track.

At Konnexus, we understand the importance of placing talented, outcome-driven contingent workers who can hit the ground running. With an active temporary talent pool, we have robust processes in place to ensure our short-term deployments are as successful as our permanent placements.

Benefits of Hiring

Interim, Temporary and Contracting Team Members

Manage And Control Costs

Engaging contingent team members means you can have greater control of your short- and long-term costs. As you experience financial pressures, you need assurance that you can manage the length of a contract and not tie your business to employment risks. Contingent team members can also be included in project budgets, rather than operational headcount, providing you with the flexibility to help manage varying workloads.

Build An Agile Workforce

Hiring on a contingent basis can serve as an extension of your team. They provide skills and resources to satisfy demand, which suits the peaks and troughs every company goes through.

This also allows your regular permanent team members to focus on their normal workflow. Having a healthy, complete team is more effective in the long term.

Our Guarantee

We are a preferred provider for Temporary, Interim and Contract market. Work with a team that puts your business first and delivers the very best in contingent talent.