Looking for a job, is a job!

At Konnexus one of our jobs is to provide advice to those looking for a new role, particularly when they are finding the process daunting, have not had to look for a new role for many years, or are simply struggling to get anywhere!

It is not easy, we recognise this.

If you are looking for a new role, here is some advice to help you navigate, what can be a very daunting and overwhelming process.

  • Ensure that your LinkedIn profile represents who you are and your experience. In the LinkedIn summary, show your experience and highlight what value you can bring to an organisation – and make sure the dates and job title are accurate! This should also match your CV.
  • When submitting your CV for a role, try and speak to someone before you click ‘the send’ button, but I know this can be challenging, so make sure your CV is tailored to specifically focus on the skills and experience the organisation is looking for
  • Have a process to your job hunting – if you are not working, have a few key times during the day where you only focus on looking for work, and if you are working, find time during the weekend or weekday to really give it a focus
  • When looking for a new job don’t forget you are navigating LinkedIn, advertising platforms, networks that you have worked with in the past, internal talent teams and recruitment agencies – it is a minefield.  Be patient and use your focused time wisely across all these platforms
  • Don’t lower your standards, remember the skills, and experience that you have – don’t let the stress of looking for a role take this away from you – have confidence in your ability and the process and you will find your next role. Be kind to yourself and trust the process.

Looking for a new job, is a job. Treat is seriously. You will get there, we promise.

The Konnexus Team 

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