Data Governance…According to Konnexus

Data governance can be best explained as everything that is to do with making sure that data is secure, private, accurate, available and usable.

In this data governance incorporates the actions people must take, processes they need to follow and the technology that supports them through the data life cycle.

Data governance is important as it can allow for greater efficiency, better quality of data and compliance, more detailed decision making and better business performance.

If data governance is taken seriously it is beneficial to both  the business and the people that work within it. It can create a common understanding of data and how it applies to the business as well as how it is used in the business.

In an organisation, and depending on its size and data maturity, many people are involved in the data governance process. This can include executives and data management professionals.

Roles that can be involved in data governance:

  • Chief Data Officer
  • Data Governance Manager & Team
  • Data Governance Committee
  • Data Stewards

Data architects, analysts and engineers are all usually involved in the governance process. In many situations the business users and analytics teams also need to have a strong understanding of the policies and standards within data governance.

Like with many thing, Data Governance can mean different things depending on the context. This is our broad definition, according to Konnexus. 

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