You decided to leave your current position and the reason for this will be different for each person. Many are looking for an opportunity to develop their careers, or you have been in the role for some time and you need a new challenge, or you have repeatedly asked and not received a increase on your salary in years.

Finally, you have received an offer to join a new organisation and it is just the role you have been waiting for! It provides you with everything that your current organisation does not, and you know it is right.

With your new offer of employment signed, you go to your current Manager to resigned, and all of a sudden, you are offered a career promotion / increase on your salary / the opportunity to work on a new project.

How do you manage this?

To help you through this, think firstly about these questions…

  • Clearly articulate in your head the reasons you were looking to move in the first place?  Money / Growth / New Challenges.
  • If you’re seeking a salary increase, have you spoken with your manager already?
  • Do you really want to stay with an organisation that didn’t provide you with what you wanted until you said you were resigning?
  • How likely is it that you’ll find yourself in the same situation six months down the track?


Despite thinking through these questions and making the decision to move on, you might still find yourself in a situation where you resign but are then Counter Offered.

Can we suggest you do the following: –

  • have your resignation ready in a written letter
  • stand behind why you wanted to leave in the first place
  • Is this counteroffer really addressing the reason that I wanted to leave in the first place?
  • In advance, make a list of pros and cons – Be prepared!


For everyone the reason to move on from their current company is different, and there is always a reason. When being confronted with a Counter Offer it is always important to remember what motivated you to look for another role in the first place.

Ultimately, the decision to move on is a personal one. They key is to know your motivations; make sure that is what informs your decision to stay or go.

The Konnexus Team. 

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