How To Boost Team Culture

Your team has had a great week/month or even year. It’s time to celebrate. But how? I am sure all managers have been guilty of the same-old basic “shout out” e-mail or booking lunch. The feeling that these two things are a staple gesture to demonstrate how much value is placed on what has been […]

Paws for Thought – ‘Take Your Dog to Work Day’

Calling all dog lovers out there. Date for the diary – 24th June – officially ‘Take Your Dog to Work Day’. If you adore dogs, surely this must be one of the most important dates in the calendar! Dog lovers across Australia have wistfully imagined being able to take their beloved furry-friends to work. Now […]

Is Hiring ‘Top Talent’ A Trap?

Every organisation wants to hire ‘top talent’. We hear this every day. We want a “gun”, “the best”, “an A grade candidate”. But what if hiring the cream of the candidate crop doesn’t always mean recruiting the top applicant? Here’s how switching your focus to fixate on prospective employees can help your business break free […]

Meetings. How to establish your presence

Ode to the introverts amongst us Mention the word “meeting” to most people and there will at least be an inward groan. Get a group of colleagues together and suddenly all hell breaks loose. Whether it’s the lack of oxygen in the room or something in the water, but what can start as a friendly […]