Why is Onboarding so important?

You have spent all this time interviewing and identifying the best talent for your position. It is now day 1 and the manager is not there to meet them, and the laptop has not arrived. Will they stay? What impression has this left?

Talent is at the core, the heart, of an organisation. Making a new member of the team feel welcome on their first day, going through their role and expectations, and how they are contributors to the success of an organisation, can make a big impact.

It can:

  • Lessen the anxiety that a new employee maybe feeling on their first day
  • Enable them to be trained in their new role so that responsibilities and expectations are understood, and they are set up to be successful, which ultimately helps the overall success of the team and/or company
  • Is likely to lessen the new employee wanting to leave


Consider when onboarding: –

  • Plan before they have started. What does day 1 look like? Who will meet them (or who will be online to welcome them)? how will they meet the team?  is there workspace organized and/or laptop and welcome pack been sent well before day 1? Do they know where to go?
  • Assign them a buddy – someone who can help and guide them with questions they may have
  • Make sure there is a manager there on day 1
  • Collect all their financial and personal information on day 1 to ensure they are set up in the financial system
  • Immerse them in your culture from the second they walk in the door. Talk to them about the values and vision of the company, organize a morning tea to meet the team
  • Check in on them regularly


Get it right the first time.

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