Who Should Own Employer Branding – HR or Marketing?

It’s a true battle of the ages. For years upon years, HR teams (and recruiters) have been selling the story of their employer, of the amazing organisation that you should want to join. How we’re leveraging the market to stay current; why you should work for us, and not our competition.

And the thread which draws all of the above together is, of course, your employer brand. It’s the crucial piece to driving not just any talent, but the top talent, towards your business. A study by LinkedIn claims that a strong employer brand will make candidates twice as likely to join a business than their actual brand itself. Pretty impressive stuff.

What is an employer brand?

Ultimately, your employer brand is the reputation you have on the talent market. Wherever your business operates, trust me: the circle is tighter than you think, and talent talks. It’s what people are saying about you, how your organisation is seen from the outside, the perception of what it’s like to work for you.

And a perception is all it is, at this point – which makes it all the more important.

Employer brand also encompasses the thoughts and feelings of your current and, crucially, previous staff. We all know how important customer experience is, so be ready for employee experience to take centre stage in the coming months and years.

How do you build an employer brand?

It’s pretty simple! But, that doesn’t make it easy. Your employer brand will be cultivated over months and years; and remember, it’s something which exists only in the eyes of your current, future, and previous employees, plus the jobseekers you may be yet to meet. Your employer brand may be yours, but that doesn’t mean you own it.

To build an employer brand, start thinking of a job within your organisation as a value proposition. When it comes to extending an offer of employment, remove the “you need this job” attitude entirely – there’s no place for it in 2021 (regardless of whether it’s the case or not). Instead, give them the reasons they should want to come and work for you.

Once you have the talent on board, employer branding is about finding out what your staff actually want, measuring their satisfaction and engagement ongoing, and then providing. Give your workforce what they want – and watch as your employer brand flourishes as a result.

So, who should be responsible for employer branding?

The argument rages on for whose technical responsibility employer brand should fall under – should it be down to the Talent Acquisition team specifically? The HR team at large? Or should it be left to those who specialise in marketing to take the reins?

The truth is this: like many aspects of business, it’s a team game. The skills that your recruiters and HR personnel possess are different to those who deal with many of the customer-facing aspects of your company, each equally valuable in their own right. Employer branding is no one individual or department’s responsibility – it’s about creating a culture which works for you from the inside out. It’s about putting your employees at the forefront, having them sing your praises. Driving more employee referrals, because they can’t stop telling their friends about their incredible workplace; driving more organic applicants, because people know you’re a great place to work.

If you have responsibility for employer branding within your organisation, feel that privilege. Nurture it. That’s a small piece of something very important – and it starts with recognising your current workforce for the amazing job they do.

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