Considerations for Taking a Break from Job Searching


Sometimes looking for a new job can be a long and exhausting process. Despite all your efforts you are not securing the next role that you are looking for. It has been months! You are tried and feel flat.

Maybe you need to take a breather from all this job hunting.

Taking a break when looking for a new job can do wonders for your mental and physical wellbeing.

  • Stops you from hitting that burnout button and gives you a chance to recharge
  • Stepping back from the whole job-searching circus lets you reassess your goals, figure out what you really want, and come up with fresh strategies to get there. It’s like hitting the reset button for your brain.
  • You will generally feel better all round. Let’s face it, when you are constantly looking if can affect your confidence and when you attend interviews this can affect your performance, even if you do not think it will.
  • Looking for a new job takes up a lot of time and can take you away from what matters, family time, hanging with your friends or simply doing the things you love.
  • Giving yourself a breather can actually boost your productivity. Stepping away can clear your head and give you space to think about other things that job searching has not allowed you to focus on.
  • Taking time out helps you bounce back from the frustrations of job searching. It is like a mental reset button.


We understand that not everyone can afford to take time out of the job search process, especially if you are not in a role. But if you are already in a job and just really want to leave, but the whole job search is leaving you feeling down and frustrated, then maybe a break is exactly what you need. Who knows, it could be the missing piece of the puzzle keeping your dream job out of reach.

The Konnexus Team

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