Are you Ready to Look for a new job?

Are you considering a change?

Making the decision to leave your current job and look for another job is one that should not be taken lightly. Whether you are looking for a permanent role or your next contract position, one of the first questions that one of the Konnexus team will ask is ‘why are you looking for your next position?’. Many will be able to clearly answer this, but there are those who struggle to articulate why they are looking for something new.  

Understanding someone’s motivators provides insight into if they are ready to look for a new job, if they think they are ready to look for a new role, have put thought into it, and are aware of the process that looking for a new job entail.

At Konnexus we want to know if you are genuine in your desire to leave your current position. For us to help organisations find the best talent, but to also find jobs for those who really want a new role – to make a match requires commitment from both parties.

Use this as a general check list when considering your next step.

✔️Why you are looking to leave your current role, and can these reasons be solved simply by talking to your manager?
✔️If you are only looking to leave a position because of money, then consider this – if you were to resign, would they then give you more money… if the answer is ‘yes’ then ask yourself the question ‘why was this not considered or valued before, why did I have to resign before this was taken seriously?’
✔️Do I know the type of opportunity I am looking for next and do I have a clear understanding of the types of organisations that I want to work for, and do I know where I want my next role to take me?
✔️Looking for a new job, is a job – you need to be proactive, understand the channels you need to take to identify new roles, and have the time available to commit to it. Are you ready?

Like anything – things don’t just happen. If you want to move jobs, consider these points before making the decision as it could save you a lot of time and everyone else!

The Konnexus Team 




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