Preparing For A Job Interview 

Congratulations! You have successfully secured an interview. You only get one chance to make a positive impression. It may sound like common sense, but so many people do not invest enough time in the preparation. There a few things you can do prior to your interview, which can give you the best chance of success.  What are you […]

How To Maximise The Impact Of Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is the definitive social network for professionals who want to stay in the loop, make connections and be part of a business community. It enables you to build relationships with others in your field and hit greater heights of professional success. 80 percent of all LinkedIn users cite professional networking as one of the […]

Resume Writing: The Ultimate Guide

Our Co-Founder and Director, Rina Gami, shares her thoughts on how to write the perfect resume.  Resumes are the first hurdle that some professionals fail when embarking on their job search. Your resume is a direct representation of you and the first thing an employer or recruiter will lay their eyes on before planning how […]