Data Architect ……According to Konnexus

    Data Architects are hard to find.  They look holistically at an organisations information – they identify the models, procedures, policies and the technologies that the organisation will use to collect, organise, store and access the information of an organisation.  In order to do this they need to be very competent in  the collection […]

DATA ROLES…… According to Konnexus

As a recruitment agency that only recruits exclusively all things data, it is our responsibility to do everything we can to understand the roles that sit in data, how organisations use data and how data teams are structured within organisations we work for. Over the coming month, we will be breaking down some key roles […]

Interviews are still important

In a technology market where the demand for talent is high, job opportunities and job offers are in abundance, there seems to be a shift in many candidates not feeling that they need to prepare themselves for interviews, or put their best foot forward. Let’s make this clear. This market will not stay like this. […]

Here we go again!

In 2018, after 13 years, I sold my business – Rowben Consulting.  Immensely proud of what I had achieved, and grateful to my team, the time felt right. Personally, I needed a break from the pressure of owning and running my own business, while raising a daughter, felt overwhelming at times. In the first year […]

Why is Onboarding so important?

You have spent all this time interviewing and identifying the best talent for your position. It is now day 1 and the manager is not there to meet them, and the laptop has not arrived. Will they stay? What impression has this left? Talent is at the core, the heart, of an organisation. Making a […]

Losing talent before you can even offer them a role? Is it your interview process?

You are looking for a Data Engineer in a market that is presenting multiple opportunities to those with this experience. How can your interview process allow you to hire them, ahead of your competition? Your interview process can help or hinder you in hiring the talent that you want so perhaps consider the following: – […]

Hiring for new Talent, what about your current Talent?

We are currently experiencing unprecedent demand within the technology industry with organisations find it difficult to identify and hire talent as well as their own talent being approached with multiple opportunities every day. For this reason, along, organisations need to look carefully at how they are managing and retaining the talent they already have! Should […]

Benefits of a Specialist Recruitment Partner

Let’s face it, finding the right talent for your organisation is not simple. With the ever-changing talent climate, skills and experience across technology has never been in more demand. The need to build communities of talent that will be loyal and trust your knowledge is a conscious decision that organisations need to instil with their […]