Questions You Must Ask Your Recruiter

When it comes to recruiting agencies, bigger doesn’t always mean better.

Are you able to pinpoint concrete examples of the value that your recruiter brings to your business?

If you struggle to rattle off a list, it’s conceivable that your business may be just another number tallied up in your agency’s KPIs.

Work out where you stand with your recruiter by asking them these key questions:

Think back to the start of your business partnership with your recruiter. Ask yourself: Why did I choose my them? 

Perhaps your answer is because they went above-and-beyond to chase down desirable candidates for your company. Or did you opt for the big business because their name sounded familiar and they were prepared to work at the rates you required? Hopefully, it was a decision that you didn’t make lightly. But if you did and you look back at your choice with regret, don’t make the business blunder of sticking with your recruiter just because it’s the easiest or most cost-effective option.

Recognise that recruiters can have a major impact on your vision and brand. The people-power they place in your company hold the ability to make or break your business. Are you able to pinpoint concrete examples of the value that your recruiter brings to your business? If you struggle to rattle off a list of examples, it’s conceivable that your business may be just another number tallied against a recruitment agency’s KPIs. It’s time to work out where you stand with your recruiter.

Put these key questions to them, and await their response –  it will quickly indicate whether they truly have your best interest at heart:

How preferred is my business?

Many recruiting agencies boast that their clients are ‘preferred’. But basic logic suggests that not all clients can hold the number one spot and be equal in the hierarchy of a client base. If your recruitment campaigns are filling the vacancy but are failing to add value to your business, your recruitment partner may not be treating your campaign with the respect or meticulous attention to detail that it deserves.

If you’re aligned with a large volume recruiter, check that your business isn’t slipping between the gaps. For example – do you know exactly how much time is spent on your recruitment campaign? Is your agency filling your vacancy as quickly as possible in order to free-up time and resources for other, more preferred clients who are prepared to pay more for a more targeted process?

Ask your recruiter about their process for ensuring that no stone is left unturned in their quest to find the most suitable talent for your role.

Who handles my recruitment campaign?

If each time you call your recruiter you’re greeted by another new voice on the phone, there’s a fair chance more than one person is handling things behind the scenes. It might sound impressive that you’re dealing with a large company with offices brimming with ‘expert’ recruiters for each and every one of your companies hiring needs – but in the recruiting space, this clinical interaction with a company isn’t ideal.

Firstly, time means money for your business and you can personally waste plenty of it getting handballed among an agency’s internal stakeholders and repeating your request to multiple recruitment ‘experts’. Plus, the key details and desires for the type of candidate you’re looking for are easily overlooked when your campaign to fill one role is sifted through an entire organisation structure.

To cultivate a culture of excellence in your recruiting campaigns, you should aim to deal with one recruitment partner from start to finish.

This fixed connection not only allows you to develop a rapport with your recruiter, but it equips your specialist with essential business knowledge about your internal departments, business strategy and vision. The more your recruiter knows your company, the more likely they’ll be able to fill your role with a candidate that goes above and beyond your selection criteria.

Ask your recruiter for:

  • A breakdown of exactly who handles your recruitment campaigns?
  • Their process from beginning-to-end?
  • How they ensure that you receive the same quality every time?

How do you find our candidates?

The answer to this question may expose your recruiter’s entire game plan. You need to be impressed by your recruiter’s response. After all, this is the reason why you’re investing in hiring them. You have every right to seek confidence in your bang for buck!

Sadly, it’s not uncommon for some recruiters to take your vacancy and simply post your role on a job board in the hope it attracts the right candidate. If this is how your recruiter is approaching your campaign, ask yourself why you’re investing in a service that you could easily do yourself. This style of passive recruitment is profit-focused and designed as a quick fix to place someone in a seat so that they can move on and spend their effort impressing a client which is more preferred.

How much do you care?

Your recruiter should feel like a friend to your business. They should embrace your mission statement, understand your pain points and be familiar with the inner workings of your departments and company structure. Your recruiter should be aware of both your short and long-term vision, your reputation and reasons why employees have left or expressed interest in joining your company.

Pose the question to your recruiter on how much they genuinely care about your company.

You will know when you’ve found a partnership that works – you won’t have to question the benefit your recruit brings because it will be evident in the specialised treatment of your company and campaigns.

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