Season 5 | Ep 7 – On why choosing the right business partner is essential to growing your recruitment business!

On this week’s episode of The RAG Podcast Live, I was delighted to be joined by Ishpal Bansal

Ishpal founded Aston Holmes, a resourcing and talent acquisition consultancy, alongside his business partner Brad Bloom in 2014.

Shotly after launching the business, Ishpal was diagnosed with a heart condition and needed open heart surgery!

Thankfully he came through treatment and since then has gone on to grow teams across the UK and Africa (LDN, Cape and J’burg) Approaching 50 people and growing well.

In this episode Ishpal was incredibly honest about the challenges he and his partner have faced in their journey so far and why choosing the right partner is non negotiable!

An essential episode for anyone who has a business partner today or is considering launching their agency in future!