How to Win the War on Talent Post-Covid

war on talent post-covid

For as long as I can remember, there has been ongoing commentary about the Australian skills shortage. New technologies have made some skills redundant, whilst making others progressively more desirable and sought after, resulting in a lack of qualified candidates and continual vacant roles across the country. So add to that a global pandemic – how exactly is one supposed to win the war on talent post-Covid?

In the Accountancy market, we’re seeing a huge appetite for Commercial Analysts (Finance Business Partners), particularly those who are a whizz with Business Intelligence tools – and who simply aren’t widely available (or get snapped up almost instantly).

Whatever skill you’re hoping to bring on board, the challenges are myriad, but by no means insurmountable.

The pandemic may have shaken up the job market but winning the war for talent will still come down to diversifying your approach, staying ahead of the curve and working hard on your talent attraction strategy.

Here’s how:


What are you doing to stand out from the rest of the market? How do you differentiate yourself as an employer? And, probably most importantly of all, how are you putting this out for the talent market to see?

Differentiating your talent strategy could mean many things, from the benefits you offer, the options new hires have in terms of working, and even just the creative ways of recruiting you’ve implemented – ways which catch the eye of your industry’s top talent and entice them to join you.

Your talent attraction strategy shouldn’t be to do the same as everyone else, nor should it be to continue doing what you’ve always done (posting job adverts, sifting through applications, all the usual suspects). It should be about using every available channel to shout about your brand, what makes you different, and why a skilled individual would – nay, should want to come and work for you. Your ability to win the war on talent post-Covid depends on it.


Companies who thrived throughout the pandemic are those who have been able to innovate, adapt and transform – all of which show that you’re a business who approaches problems head on, who isn’t afraid to try new things or take risks. This will be appealing to those who handle their own career in the same way.

Innovation doesn’t necessarily mean pivoting your product/service offering or coming up with something new; we’re not telling every business to reinvent their entire strategy. It’s more about how you do business, the ways in which you’re embracing technology to improve; it’s about implementing innovative ways of increasing efficiency, making improvements, engaging with your employees even. It not only shows that your business is somewhat more, err, shall we say, “pandemic proof” than others, but reflects a modern approach to problems old and new.

Challenge the Norm

Try new things. Ask more questions. Challenge popular opinion (where it makes sense to do so) and watch as yours becomes a name which the industry is talking about. Change is fundamental to the success of any business and showing that you’re unafraid of it will serve you well in capturing the interest of the talent you need.

After all, the likelihood is they’ll value this same attribute as much as you do.

I suppose challenging the norm means being unequivocally yourself as a business and allowing your staff to do the same. A business which values individuality is one that people are going to want to be a part of long-term.

I hear what you’re asking yourself right now: did she just repeat the same point three times? You could say that, yes. But that just serves to reiterate my point further.

These really are the things which will help your business stand out as an employer of choice. This is how to win the war on talent, post-Covid.

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