Here we go again!

In 2018, after 13 years, I sold my business – Rowben Consulting.  Immensely proud of what I had achieved, and grateful to my team, the time felt right. Personally, I needed a break from the pressure of owning and running my own business, while raising a daughter, felt overwhelming at times.

In the first year of lockdown in Melbourne, managing a recruitment team as well as navigating in an ‘unknown’ business world was daunting – like it was for everyone.  Throughout that period, I felt that I was failing badly, and that my mental health suffered, so in July 2021 I left the corporate world to take some well-deserved time off.

Over the last 12 months, I have spent precious time with my daughter, walked my dogs for longer than an hour a day, spent time studying and taken some much-needed time to relax with my family and friends.

Despite thinking I would ever venture back into being a business owner. It somehow found it’s way back to me in 2022! I had been meeting with various people within the recruitment industry, but I never really felt that my 20 years recruitment experience gave me, as they say, ‘a place at the table’.

During these discussions, what I discovered was that my passion and purpose has always come from creating and watching things evolve, particularly within the context of a business and the evolution and the development of the teams that you take with you. So, I decided that I would, again, make ‘my own place’ at the recruitment table.

I am happy to say that I am now the happy, humble, and proud co-owner of Konnexus. A company that provides recruitment services across data analytics, business intelligence, AI & machine learning.

Thank you Rina for your openness and trust in wanting to go on this journey with me, I am very happy and proud to have you as my co-owner. I am excited about what we can create and grow. Thank you to the current Konnexus team, new and existing, you have all been supportive and wonderful.

As I always say to my daughter, do what you are passionate about and never be afraid of what others think, at least you are doing it.

Here we go again……

Tracee Rowe – July 2022

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