Five Signs It’s Time For A Career Change

Stuck in a work rut? It could be time to make your next career move. Have you experienced the five warning signs that it’s time to move on? The grass is always greener on the other side. It’s a familiar saying and one that easily applies to corporate culture. But how do you know whether your temptation for a different work environment is more than just a fleeting thought and something worth pursuing? Consider whether you need a new challenge by learning the five warning signs that it’s time for a career change:

1. You’ve lost the spark

When you applied for the job, you were nervous. When you were offered the job, you were excited and expectant. When you started the job, you felt every moment and lapped up the new-workplace-honeymoon-period for the first six months. But these days, Sunday night comes around and you’re dreading the next day. Your alarm goes off and you automatically hit snooze. The days, weeks and even years seem to roll into each other and the tasks in the cycle are becoming predictable. The most exciting part of your day is watching the clock edge closer to C.O.B.

If your job isn’t as bright and shiny as it once was, ask yourself if your attitude needs to shift, or whether your dwindling motivation is actually a clear cue that it’s time to move on?

2. You’re bypassing the basics

You might think you’re wholly invested in your role and that no-one in your office would think otherwise. But it’s usually the little things that can tell a different story. If you’re regularly calling in sick, checking social media more frequently, going for a coffee every hour just to break free from your desk or counting every minute spent outside of your ordinary work hours, maybe you’re not as invested in your role as you think you are.

3. You don’t daydream

One of the tell-tale signs that your time in your role has expired is when your ability to see the bigger picture ceases. Setting your sights on progressing to the next level or achieving a major milestone helps to drive your performance – and whether the dream is big or small, it’s practically an essential ingredient to your recipe for success. If you can’t remember the last time you thought about your vision to take over from your manager or your secret ambition to head your department, it’s likely that subconsciously your output at work reflects this lack of drive.

If you know you’ve lost the desire to dream, now is the time to realign your vision, gain a fresh perspective and set some difficult, but achievable goals – one of which may be taking the next step in your career.

4. You’re sticking around because it’s the easy option

You’re overly familiar with your work routine and you know your organisation and its intricacies like the back of your hand. You arrive at work, the hours drag on, you knock off for the day…and repeat. Put simply, you’re finding your current work environment so draining, that all of your energy is zapped to even contemplate scouting greener pastures. Sure, your annual and long-service leave tally is ticking over nicely, but if you’re honest, that’s likely one of the few things that provides you with job satisfaction.

You’re the type of person who might think that if you stick things out, you’ll get that tap on the shoulder which will transform your career overnight. If this sounds familiar, it might be time to face the facts – that sometimes your career will only advance if you take the first steps.

5. You’re reading this article

Suddenly you’re finding yourself scrolling LinkedIn more frequently and signing up to top job searches on Seek ‘just in case’ something better comes along. If another office is tempting, the chances are that now is the time to make your career move.

The good news is that you don’t need to navigate this new season alone.

The team at Konnexus are the go-to people for placing professional Accounting & Finance candidates into exciting, challenging workplaces that make a regular ‘9 to 5’ come alive.

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