What Are The Benefits Of Using A Recruitment Partner To Hire Your Next Technology Vacancy?

You have probably experienced and heard that it is tough recruiting Technology staff. We are finding there are huge gaps in some technical areas. Most candidates are passive and not actively looking for their next role, which can make it increasingly difficult when you are hiring and do not have a vast network to find and engage these individuals. Utilising a recruiter will cost you, but the cost of making the wrong hire can be far more damaging. There is so much at stake when you are recruiting staff. Rina Gami shares her thoughts.

Making the wrong hire can cost you 30% of the salary of that position amongst other non-monetary related losses. An unsuccessful hire can result in a loss of productivity, damage to your brand and company reputation, loss of morale within your team and impact on culture. You are at risk of losing your best staff because of the new person you have hired and squandering the time you have invested in training them, taking you away from doing your job. There are many tools and techniques that you can utilise to eliminate this happening and one of those is how you recruit for your vacancies.

If your business has an internal policy of using your own in-house recruitment team, but you have budget approval to hire the right person, consider running a parallel process. An experienced recruiter will know the market and has the ability to reach those hard to find Technology professionals. Ensuring you have an open and transparent process with both your internal and external recruiter will ensure you have them both working with your best interests in mind.

There are two things that are essential to hiring the right person:

The Interview Process

Whilst this might seem obvious, many hiring managers and companies do not have a defined process or strategy. Set an action plan and realistic time-frames for when you expect a shortlist, the planning required for any technical or psychometric testing. Provide your availability for first- and second-round interviews and anyone else who will be involved in the interview process. This will demonstrate that you are serious and keep the process fluid, ensuring that all parties (including the candidates) in the process are aware of expectations. The result is a far more engaging, dynamic process than a sloppy, disjointed one.

Choosing Your Recruitment Partner

 You want someone who is going to reduce your time to hire and not add to it. The right recruiter is an ambassador for your brand and acts as an extension to your organisation.  This may mean you need to find a different recruiter to the one you have been using all these years. Work with an experienced technology recruiter who has extensive knowledge of your industry.

When selecting your recruitment partner you must consider the following:

  • What Does The Recruitment Process Include?

Ask for a breakdown of exactly what they do. If they rely on job boards to advertise your vacancy then they are most likely not the best recruiter to partner with. This is something you can do yourself at the fraction of a cost that a recruiter charges you.

  • How Do They Engage And Talent Pool?

The distinction of an expert Technology recruiter from the pack is their ability to headhunt. Many recruiters use the mass messaging and unsolicited emails, which shows that they are not targeted to the right sorts of individuals and the recipients simply do not read them as they tend to be generic. A good recruiter will be innovative in their approach. They will have invested in technologies and platforms that makes their approach targeted and personalised, whilst having a clear approach and strategy on how to target the correct individuals.

 How Well Connected Is Your Recruitment Partner?

Do they share valuable content with their network? What do they do to engage them? A good recruiter will be focused on continually building relationships with potential candidates and clients.

Build A Relationship With Your Technology Recruiter

Invest the time with your recruiter and share useful information about your teams and what is happening in your company. It will make recruiting for your team easier and, over time, your recruiter will require less time for job briefing as they know your organisation well and your expectations. The way you collaborate with your recruiter will be invaluable when it comes to hiring as they are equipped with all the information they need and will result in a successful, seamless hiring outcome.

In short, choosing a recruiter who has a robust network and specialised knowledge of your industry and who is respected in the industry is extremely important. They will take time to understand what you need and be working with your best interests in mind. Hiring the right people is your biggest investment, choose the right people to find them for you.

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