Five Common Recruitment Trends For 2020

Modern technology is changing the landscape of hiring. As employers, it is important to understand how you can ensure you stay competitive in order to attract the best talent for your team.

How you interact with your market and the candidate journey and experience has become a crucial part of the recruitment experience, whether you are an internal or external recruitment partner.

The biggest trends that we are seeing that will have a huge impact on hiring outcomes are:

1. Employer Branding and Use of Social Media

Whilst not a new concept, it is more about what you are doing and the brand image to the candidates that you are trying to attract. Social media, notably LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram encourage more engagement. They will increase your chances of attracting sought-after individuals when you need to hire them. Whilst this can take time to build up, the fastest way to get some visibility in the short term is through demonstrating your culture and values through your existing employees.

2. Artificial Intelligence

AI has become one of the top recruitment trends, with more and more companies incorporating this into their recruitment process, rather than just interviewing candidates based on a resume. To ensure you do not make the wrong hire, you need to also ensure the hiring decisions you make are not just on “gut feel” but are backed by data and insights that these tools can give you.

3. Increased Emphasis On The Candidate Experience

The biggest criticism we face as an industry is the lack of communication that candidates get when going through a recruitment process. Ensure you acknowledge all applications by implementing a robust, automated application process in place.

Being accessible and ensuring transparency during the recruiting process is critical, in addition to speed and responsiveness. The amount of times companies have lost candidates because they have taken too long to schedule interviews, or they want to see more applicants even though the current applicants meet the requirements. Just as you would expect an applicant to respond with the same enthusiasm, you need to treat them with the equal respect to ensure they stay engaged and have the information they need to stay satisfied.

4. Shift Towards Remote Working

You widen your talent pool by embracing remote working. By offering flexible working arrangements, you will open up larger talent pools otherwise restricted by geography, which can make it extremely challenging in a candidate driven market. Ensure you have the technology and tools available to screen and evaluate the candidates as the skills required for remote working will be different to in-house employees.

5. Demand For Working With A Niche Recruiter

The biggest shift the recruitment industry has seen over the last decade is the demand for more specialised and niche recruitment experts.  Hiring managers have shifted from using large transactional recruiters and are partnering with specialist boutique recruiters who are active and know their market. Niche recruiters intimately understand their market and have access to the passive and dormant candidates that job boards cannot attract. They constantly, proactively talent pooling, not reacting.

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